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Spring Drive

Spring Drive

Spring Drive is the only watch whose hands' motion reflects the true nature of time.

The Glide Motion movie

Spring Drive is the summit of watchmaking mechatronics achieved by SEIKO's technology and heritage, and hand assembly is done by our most skilled craftsmen in Japan.

The genius of Spring Drive

  • Long power reserve : 72 hours
  • Fast winding : approximately 30% improved compared to the most traditional mechanical winding system.
  • High accuracy : Equivalent to ± 1 second/day
  • Glide motion hands : the only watch whose hands' motion reflects the true nature of time

The Glide Motion of hands

All the motions in the movement are one-direction. Spring Drive hands move smoothly, quietly and evenly across the dial.

The Glide Motion reflects the real nature of the time.

Full version of the Glide Motion

Mechanism of Spring Drive

How it works
  1. Source of energy:
    The sole motive power is the main spring.
  2. Transmission:
    The power of the mainspring is trans mitted via gear train to the hands and to the Tri-synchro regulator.
  3. Regulation:
    The Tri-synchro regulator controls the speed of the glide wheel and the hands by electromagnetic braking.

For further details, please see the Spring Drive website.

Spring Drive Website

Spring Drive Website