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A Premier collection, designed for Novak Djokovic

Novak and his new Premier Kinetic Perpetual Special Edition. SNP126

In Novak’s wardrobe of Seiko watches, Premier is his watch of choice for evening wear. It is not every day that Novak’s busy schedule allows him evenings out, so the set-and-forget convenience of the Kinetic Perpetual caliber is Novak’s choice from within the Premier range. For 2015, we have made a special series based on his preference for this remarkable caliber.

The Novak Djokovic Special Edition

Power, brilliance and durability are the qualities that define the tennis of Novak Djokovic and that are celebrated in a new Premier Kinetic Perpetual series. Across the year, Novak plays indoors and out, on clay, grass and hard court, and by day and by night. Each dial in the four creations in the Novak Djokovic Special Edition reflects the different conditions which Novak faces as he continues on his remarkable journey towards the status of tennis legend. Seiko is honored to be Novak’s partner on this quest and delighted to be able to support him with the right watch for every aspect of his life. Each Premier Kinetic Perpetual Novak Djokovic Special Edition watch carries Novak’s initials on the case back and is offered in a special presentation case.

Kinetic Perpetual. The pinnacle of Seiko’s Kinetic achievement

The Kinetic Perpetual caliber is vivid proof of Seiko’s mastery of energy management in watchmaking. As in every Kinetic caliber, the wearer’s movement powers the watch, but, with Kinetic Perpetual, this energy is conserved in a uniquely practical way. If the watch is unworn, it puts itself into sleep mode and remembers the exact time and date for up to four years. As soon as it is picked up again, it wakes up and automatically restarts to the correct time and date including leap years until February 2100. Kinetic Perpetual is the pinnacle of Seiko’s unique Kinetic achievement and is already greatly loved by many, all over the world, for its convenience and precision.